OCI Member Spotlight – Chainguard

Monday, December 6, 2021 by Open Container Initiative

The OCI community comprises a diverse set of member companies that are committed to creating open industry standards around containers. This blog series highlights OCI members and their contributions.

Name: Dan Lorenc

Title: Founder and CEO

Company: Chainguard

Why did you join OCI and how is your organization involved? We believe that open standards are critical to the software industry by enabling interoperability across vendors, tools, and platforms. The OCI serves as a steward of several foundational specifications that underpin modern cloud and container-native development. While we’re a brand new company, many Chainguard team members have been involved in the container standards space since the start of the OCI. We’re proud to continue contributing as members today!

What are the aspects of the OCI that you are looking forward to most for your company? Containers and the related image and registry specifications play a critical role in modern software supply chain security. We look forward to contributing to the next generations of these standards to improve the way we all build, publish, and consume container images.

How do you plan to use the OCI specifications and tools? We plan on continuing our work to promote the use of the OCI specifications and evolve them to support new use-cases critical for supply-chain security. Our company, open source projects, and products are all built on top of the OCI specifications!

How do you anticipate OCI changing the container technology landscape? The OCI has already changed the container technology landscape by dramatically reducing fragmentation and promoting interoperability. We see this work continuing as more workloads shift to containers and more ecosystems adopt the OCI specifications.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining OCI? Working on specifications can be slow and painful, but it’s critical to our entire industry. If you have ideas and patience, come get involved!