Introducing and open sourcing the OCI Icon Set

Monday, April 13, 2020 by Chris Aniszczyk

Today we are excited to announce that we have open sourced the OCI Icon Set, allowing the wider community to easily build vendor neutral container and cloud native diagrams.

We have heard from members of our community that they often struggle to find imagery that is not tied to a cloud, vendor or a specific project. Because of this, we created a set of standardized open source icons that are free to share and use. This is especially useful for those who present at public events, or collaborate on open source projects. They can be used in any technical material material, including, documentation, presentations or whitepapers.

”When writing open source specs, I was struggling to find project, vendor and cloud neutral icons,” said Steve Lasker, PM Architect, Microsoft and OCI Technical Oversight Board (TOB) member. “At the OCI, we decided to develop an icon set and after community feedback are happy to share our work with the world so we can all present without worrying about licensing or project preference concerns.”

The OCI Icon Set features a wide variety of images across the container development and deployment landscape, including APIs, container images, orchestrators, serverless, testing and many more:

Have a look for yourself, and use any of the icons as you see fit! If you see anything that is missing feel free to let us know on Slack. If you like what you see from OCI, please get involved, and follow our progress on GitHub and Twitter!