OCI Member Spotlight – InfoSiftr

Friday, November 10, 2017 by Chris Aniszczyk

The OCI community continues to be hard at work, having just issued the first update to OCI v.1.0, after five months of focusing on stability. OCI 1.0.1 contains updates to both the image format and runtime specifications.

We’re still growing and expanding, with even more collaboration since the launch of v 1.0. For example, we are now up to over 5,000 commits from 184 authors across 42 different organizations. Organizations like AWS, Docker, Cloud Foundry, CoreOS, Intel, Mesosphere, Oracle, Red Hat and Kubernetes have already taken advantage of the OCI v1.0 specifications, and with v1.0.1 now available, the industry is on the precipice of true portability and standardization. We had a strong showing on site at recent industry events, at both DockerCon Europe in Copenhagen and Open Source Summit Europe in Prague.

We are also happy to welcome Ma Shimiao as a new maintainer on the image-tools project. Ma joins Aleksa Sarai and Keyang Xie of the image format spec as the newest OCI maintainers, all of whom has been hard at work.

Concurrently, we are gearing up for the next phase in ensuring broad adoption of common container image format and runtime specs as we prepare to launch an OCI certification/conformance program. This program will allow folks to be confident that their OCI solutions meet a high set of criteria that deliver interoperable solutions. We’ll be presenting a session on Container Runtime & Image Format Standards: What it Means to be ‘OCI-certified’ during CloudNatvieCon + KubeCon in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, December 6 at 11:10 am. If you’ll be on site, please stop by our booth and check the schedule for additional OCI-related sessions

OCI is always welcoming contributions from across the industry, so please join us! Follow us via @OCI_ORG, and if you’re interested in contributing to the technology, please join the OCI developer community which is open to everyone. If you’re building products on OCI technology, we recommend joining as a member and participating in the upcoming certification program.