OCI Member Spotlight – Fujitsu

Monday, October 17, 2016 by Open Container Initiative

The OCI community is comprised of a diverse set of member companies that are committed to creating open industry standards around the container image format and runtime. This blog series highlights OCI members and their contributions to building an open, portable and vendor neutral specification.

Name: Kenji Kaneshige
Title Director, OSS Development Division
Company: Fujitsu Limited

Why did you join OCI?
Containers dramatically increase users’ productivity via application portability and easy deployment capabilities. Its platform has to be open and reliable so that users can enjoy the maximum benefits of container technologies. Fujitsu, as an OCI member, is contributing to the open and reliable standard that guarantees a user’s IT investment over a long period of time.

How is your organization involved in OCI?
Fujitsu joined OCI as one of the founding members. We’re working on OCI runtime/image specs and testing the framework through the Trademark Board, the Certification Working Group and developing within the community.

What are the aspects of the the runtime spec and/or image format spec that you are looking forward to most for your company?
We’re most looking forward to leveraging an open and sustainable standard that allows various applications from various industries–working together–to enjoy the benefits of container technology.

How do you plan to use the runtime spec and/or image format spec?
We’d like to provide an OCI-compliant application platform, on which applications will be able to work independently in various environments. It will bring greater productivity to developers and users.

How will these specifications help your business?
An open and unified container standard aligned with OCI specifications will help the growth of the entire container ecosystem. As the ecosystem grows, we would like to accelerate our digital business platform which helps various users and applications to work together and create something valuable for the industry.

How do you anticipate OCI changing the container technology landscape?
A standard specification, a contract between applications and platform, will encourage platform

developers to challenge more innovation, leading to diverse new technologies in the future. We think new technologies will enhance productivity by making application deployment and maintenance easier, which will in turn drive users’ innovation within the cloud. With OCI, we think evolution of cloud native technologies will be accelerated by more developers and be adopted by more users.

What do you believe the benefits of using a runtime and image spec based on the OCI standard are for hosting providers? For small ISVs, application developers? For end users?
OCI standards allows application developers to focus on application development. For users, application deployment will be much easier and more robust.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining OCI?
OCI is an open community where you can directly get involved. Diversity of opinions is important, and your opinion will make OCI more powerful and innovative. We hope to see a wider range of companies or individuals join OCI and enjoy the benefits of containers.