Chris Aniszczyk

Executive Director

Chris Aniszczyk brings more than 20 years experience as The Linux Foundation’s VP of Developer Relations, CTO of CNCF and serves as Executive Director of the Open Container Initiative (OCI).

His work is focused on working with developer community to advance open source projects at scale. Previously Aniszczyk served as Twitter’s head of open source, where he led a team of developer advocates and was responsible for Twitter’s open source engineering, strategy and culture. He has also contributed to Gentoo/Fedora Linux and served on the Eclipse Foundation’s Board of Directors and the Java Community Process Executive Committee. An engineer by trade, Aniszczyk brings a passion for both open source and community development to the organization.

Technical Oversight Board

The Technical Oversight Board (TOB) is responsible for managing conflicts, violations of procedures or guidelines and any cross-project or high-level issues that cannot be resolved in the TDC for OCI Projects. The TOB shall also be responsible for adding, removing or reorganizing OCI Projects.

TOB members are directly elected by the maintainers of the OCI projects for two-year terms (staggered such that half of seats are up for election each year). The TOB Chair is elected each year by the TOB and is responsible for organising TOB meetings and setting the agendas of said meetings.

You can follow the TOB’s activities on GitHub and on their respective mailing list. The TOB holds infrequent meetings which are usually recorded and posted on the primary OCI development mailing list.

Vincent Batts

Term: 2019-01-29 → 2021-01-29

A mindful polyglot, Vincent Batts has spent the last 15 years participating in the Linux and open source community.

Presently involved on the Open Containers Initiative as a maintainer and on the technical board, as well as a maintainer on the appc/spec. An ongoing member on Slackware Linux’s Core Team, a past maintainer on the Docker project, as well as the Go compiler for Fedora and Red Hat.

Michael Crosby

Term: 2019-01-29 → 2021-01-29

Phil Estes

TOB Chair
Term: 2020-01-29 → 2022-01-29

Phil is a principal engineer at Amazon Web Services working on core container technologies.

Phil participates as an open source contributor and maintainer for the CNCF containerd project and has been active in the OCI since its founding in 2015.

Wei Fu

Term: 2020-01-29 → 2022-01-29
Maintainer of the CNCF’s containerd project.

Jon Johnson

Term: 2020-01-29 → 2022-01-29
Software engineer at Google working on containers.

Samuel Karp

Amazon Web Services
Term: 2020-01-29 → 2022-01-29
Samuel Karp is a Senior Software Development Engineer working on containers at Amazon Web Services. Sam first contributed to Docker in 2015 and containerd in 2017. Sam’s current focus is on container runtimes and how the runtimes interact with orchestrators and registries. Sam has written code and designs for Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate and consulted for Amazon ECR and Amazon EKS.

Steve Lasker

Term: 2020-01-29 → 2022-01-29

Derek McGowan

Term: 2019-01-29 → 2021-01-29

Aleksa Sarai

Term: 2019-01-29 → 2021-01-29
Aleksa Sarai is a core developer and maintainer of runc and umoci, contributor and maintainer of Open Container Initiative specifications, and a Linux kernel contributor. He works on the containers team at SUSE, maintaining various core parts of the lower levels of the containers stack and related software for both SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE; he is also committed to working in the open, and is a strong proponent of Free Software.